January, a secret to share

A couple of years ago my stepmother, via a friend gave me some Kefir grains, I had come across a recipe for a ‘super food’ breakfast shake that sounded the perfect cereal free start to the day, since then i have played with the mix and created my own breakfast smoothy. And happily handed out gains to anyone willing to give it a try for themselves.

Then over Christmas i revered to a softly boiled egg and toast. Change always being good, but not for long so once January came I was back with a variation of my Kefir mix. Today with a glimmer of January sunshine outside my window it felt like the right time to share my gem.

Kefir is a cultured drink made primarily with cow, sheep or goats milk, but if you are dairy intolerant or simply don’t like it try using coconut milk instead. if you are using milk, go for full fat organic milk from a grass fed heard.

Rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B12, folate’s, and vitamin K2. Kefir is a naturally sweet but tangy fermented drink bursting with beneficial bacteria and yeast, not unlike a drinking yogurt, but easily made at home, it originate from the Caucasus mountain region that span from the Black sea to the Caspian sea. The word Kefir some say comes from the Turkish word keif, which translates to ‘good feeling’ which is the gem that this fermented drink brings, a natural immune boost in a glass.

To make yours.

Place a desert or heaped teaspoon of grains in a jar and add milk, leave out on the kitchen counter overnight.

Mix to combine in the jar the following morning then strain the mix through a sieve.  You have your Kefir.

My mix,

  • add, a good pinch of seagreens seaweed granules
  • 1 ts eskimo oil (brain sharp)
  • 2 drops of Bio Care CoQ10 
  • On days I need an extra boots I add ¼ts of bee pollen.

stir well and drink.

Alternatively on days that I want a big breakfast I make a smoothy.

  • 1, banana
  • 1, pear, cored but not peeled
  • a few cardamom seeds
  • 1 ‘fully’ free range raw egg, (I get mine from the farmers market)
  • a good pinch of seagreens seaweed granules
  • 1 ts brain sharp eskimo oil
  • 2 drops of Bio Care CoQ10
  • ¼ts bee pollen or ½ts blackstrap molasses

blitz in the blender till smooth pour the smooth creamy mix into a glass and slowly sip, if you can stop yourself gulping it down. You will not be hungry till lunch time.

You can change the mix depending on the season or your mood, the one fixed ingredient for me is the Kefir, verity is the spice of life.

Susie Astbury