Cupping Therapy - Not just for Olympians!

Michael Phelps and others have caught our attention in Rio with ‘ The mark of an Olympian ‘ large red circles across their upper arms, shoulder, back, in fact anywhere on the body. The Athletes use cupping to ease the aches and pains of training, a means of aiding a faster recovery.

Glass or plastic cups are placed over your sore or tired muscles, a vacuum is created either by heat or a suction pump, the aim being to cause the skin to be lifted up and promote a dynamic flow of blood and energy through the area.

Cupping is ideal to use as part of your rehab program or after a strenuous work out it’s a fast effective way to stimulate the circulation and ease tired muscles.

Not only for athletes, in the past cupping was used in many cultures to relive tight chesty coughs, colds backache, pain relief and more.

If you have aches and pains take action now by booking a block of three 30 minute cupping session or combine it with an acupuncture treatment at no extra charge.

Susie Astbury